Where to eat Chinese burgers (bao - 包 ) in Hanoi?

Jump into Bow Wow to try their "freshly steamed buns" as they promised at their website.
Wow, not bad at all! As you can see, they have been creative with naming as well, I have ordered Skinny (50K) , Fun Guy (50K) and Dirty Bird (60K) with butter and salt edamame beans on a side (50K). I also ordered Kung pao popcorn chicken which was meeh (70K)
What I liked:
- Baos are really soft and fresh.
- Food came fast
- Edamame are the best I ever tried - butter and salt goddess

What I did not like:

- Kung Pao popcorn made my meal less ideal - too spicy, hard to chew, I could name it culinary fail
- Lots of insects around, literally I fought for my food with flies

Bao Wow - 31a alley 12, Dang Thai Mai
15:00 - 22:00 (Monday closed)
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